Challenge Completed!

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**Cheers** **Waves** **Kudos**

We (over 50 of us) have completed the challenge! 31 blog posts in 31 days is an amazing accomplishment. I have written every one of these entries with heart, determination, and hope that I got it right. Since I didn’t plan any posts some days seemed very overwhelming when trying to decide what to write about. But the words always came.

Today, I’m not writing a conclusion. I feel like I should write “an ending,” but it isn’t the end of this blog. I will continue to communicate here weekly. I’m inspired and excited about writing about massage, the human body and life in general.

Today is the beginning. The beginning of what is to come. I didn’t plan a single post during this challenge, but I’m excited to say that I just wrote down 36 blog post ideas. 36!! (Thanks, Allissa, for the inspiration. It was so simple it was hard to see!)

I will post once or twice a week. I want to answer questions you have about symptoms. I want to start discussions about issues. I want to encourage positive changes in our lives. I want to share tidbits from my life and massage practice.

I want to be involved! I want to learn more with each passing week. I want to be a part of a great community.

If you have a question, email me! Leave a comment. Contact me on Facebook. I’m ready to talk!

PS I can’t wait to get my trophy!


Young People Hurt, Too

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What?! Is it number 30 already? These days have flown by so quickly. I hope you have enjoyed these daily posts.

School is in full swing and that means our children are busy. They have school all day, extra curricular activities, sports and homework. Somewhere in there they just “play,” too. I’ve heard people say that kids are too young to feel aches and pains.

WRONG! Just because a body is young doesn’t mean it isn’t going to hurt after over-use. Here are a few causes of aches and pains in young people:

Heavy backpacks
Sitting all day in a desk
Prolonged computer use (eye strain, headaches, neck pain)
Not enough sleep

The list makes me hurt just looking at it! Have a little compassion for your teen or tween. Offer to carry a book. Even though young mouths can have a bad attitude sometimes, let them vent a bit. Allow them a space to be frustrated. Sometimes we all need to throw a little fit. (Don’t encourage disrespect, but let her air her frustrations.)

Don’t discourage the weekend nap. Young people need rest. If they are loaded down during the week, let them cat-nap on the weekends.

Bring them in for a massage. Teens and tweens have an incredible amount stress. Massage can be a safe place for them to unwind. Plus we can work on that sore neck to alleviate some of those headaches. We can all work together on proper computer posture to prevent further back pain.

We can work together to help your young person navigate this world. Healthy, nurturing touch is essential from birth. We can work together to prevent pain, correct posture, boost self-esteem, reduce stress and improve moods.

Sounds like a plan to me!


August Recap

#29 of 31 posts in 31 days

(Random thoughts)

How is your August going? I’ve been super busy! As you know, I’ve been writing an article every day since August 1st. I’m in the home-stretch, only a few more to go! Thank you for being patient, interested, and awesome.

My daughter started Kindergarten this month. She loves it! She also started gymnastics class. She runs line drills, practices back-bends, turns cartwheels and smiles from ear to ear the whole time. I love it. πŸ™‚

My husband started another semester of college this month. I am very proud of how hard he is working to achieve his degree. Not only is he showing himself that he is capable, he is showing our daughter the importance of education. They talk about their classes together and sometimes practice homework at the same time. He is doing well and I am happy he wants to achieve so much.

I have been working on things for The Comfort Zone Massage! I want to grow, I want to give better massages, and I want to improve customer service in any way I can.

You may get a surprise the next time you are here for a massage. You may get something in the mail. I am already preparing for the Holiday Season! πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading and please post a question or drop me an e-mail! Let’s discuss stuff!!

Why Relaxation Massage?

#28 of 31 posts in 31 days

You’ve booked a Swedish/Relaxation massage. So what do you get? What are the benefits of a Relaxation Massage?

Relaxation Massage, commonly called Swedish Massage, generally focuses on full body relaxation. (Keep in mind, full body massage means most of the body – back, shoulders, legs, hips, feet, arms, hands, upper chest, neck and head. I will only perform abdominal massage on request.)

Stress relief and general muscle maintenance greatly benefit the mind and body. Relaxation massage uses general to firm pressure throughout the body to induce relaxation and relieve muscle tension. If you want to know what a Relaxation Massage feels like from me, click here. Β πŸ™‚

Benefits of regular Relaxation Massage:

*Reduces Anxiety

*Improves Sleep

*Improves Energy Levels

*Relieves Muscle Tension

*Soothes Arthritis Pain

*Reduces Headaches

*Causes Happiness

Conditions/Symptoms that regular Massage can help:




*Shoulder Pain

*Lower Back Pain



*Many more

What are you waiting for?! Click here and schedule your appointment! The Comfort Zone Massage is in Paris, AR.

Pregnancy Massage

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Pregnancy massage is an awesome pain and stress reliever through all stages of most low-risk pregnancies. So many changes occur in the body during pregnancy and many of them bring aches and pains. If not aches and pains then emotional ups and downs. Regular massage throughout pregnancy can help with all of these discomforts.

Weight gain is essential in every pregnancy because the body is nurturing a growing baby.The growth of the baby on the front side of the body often causes the mother to change how she stands and walks. It can become downright painful!

Lower back pain, shoulder pain, fatigue, headaches, emotional stress, and anxiety are all things that a pregnant woman can experience. (Sometimes all at once!) Massage therapy can bring comfort to the expectant mother by relieving some of the pain, reducing anxiety and providing support. Β It can also help prepare the mother for labor and delivery.

I usually ask the mother to get her doctor’s permission to receive bodywork. I am open to following special instructions or restrictions. I am here to help any way that I can. High risk pregnancies require the Doctor’s approval.

Reasons NOT to get a massage while pregnant:

High Blood Pressure

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Excessive Swelling

Risks of Blood Clots

Pregnancy Massage is offered in Paris, AR at The Comfort Zone Massage. My office is located inside Shirley’s Beauty Shop. If you have any questions about pregnancy massage ask your doctor and give me a call. My contact information is on my website

I use the Oakworks Side-lying Positioning System. It is a collection of bolsters to support the pregnant woman in the side-lying position. There is excellent support for the head, rib-cage, baby-belly, and legs. I also add pillows for specific comfort. Safety is my number one goal!

Rub My Feet!

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“I wish you could massage my feet every day when I get off work!”

“Oh, could you rub my feet every night?”

“I stand ALL day and my feet are so tired when I get home.”

“Could you spend extra time massaging my feet?”

“PLEASE teach my husband (wife, boyfriend, girlfriend) how to touch my feet like that!”

foot massage

I hear all of these things almost every single day. Let’s face it, a great foot massage feels awesome. Psst… they’re good for you, too! Foot problems could contribute to back pain, knee pain, irritability and bad moods.

Massaging the feet helps to relax the whole body. I see it every day. Β A tense, stressed out person comes in for a massage. I spend time on the back and legs. After we’ve settled in to the massage I put hot compresses on the feet. Groaning follows πŸ˜‰

Each foot gets compressed, stretched, kneaded, rocked, pulled and pushed. Slowly. Deeply. Thoroughly. Sound good to you? I thought so.

Foot massage calms breathing, relaxes the body, allows the mind to calm, helps with knee pain, and relieves some headaches. Plus, it just feels great. I include a foot massage in most 60 minute massage sessions. You can ask for extra time there or you could even schedule a foot-only massage. If you want a 20 minute foot rub with hot towels and aromatherapy, I can do that. If you want 40 minutes on the body and 20 minutes on the feet, I can do that.

PS You can also schedule online on my website. Phone calls are welcome, too πŸ™‚

I Like Naps

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My five-year-old understands the importance of self-care. This is what she drew on her first day of kindergarten. (Notice the dream bubble and ambient music) Such a simple concept, self-care, so why is it so hard to take time out of our day for a little rest or relaxation?

This is a drawing of a beautiful nap time. See CD player and music notes in the air? She’s dreaming of a kitty and surrounded by love. The caption, “Iliknaps” Β I like naps too!

Hair Professionals and Shoulder Pain

#24 of 31 blog posts in 31 days

I work in a Beauty Salon with two very talented Cosmetologists. Hair is the specialty for one, while the other specializes in nails. They are fantastically talented in their work. (And they are fabulous to work with!) It’s like a party every day πŸ™‚

They are very hard-working women. They often work 12 hour days, sometimes longer with no real break to speak of. As a person who works in pain management, I can’t help but watch how they use their bodies while they work. Wow! Powerful arms and shoulders! With muscles tension and tight necks 😦

The Hair Specialist splits her days by hunching over a shampoo bowl and then holding her arms up. Have you ever lifted your arms up to shoulder height and just held them there? Now do that while squeezing your hands and releasing. I just don’t know how she holds her arms up all day without them hurting! Mine start burning after 5 minutes.

Her upper body muscles are incredibly strong. And incredibly tense. Her shoulder and neck muscles have something called hypertonicity. Hyper means too much, so it basically means too much tone. They are hard and probably hurt sometimes. This is one example of repetitive motion. I can always tell if someone does hair for a living by the way their shoulders feel. Hard, tight, and strong.

Stretching, movement, and massage can help with the tight, sore muscles.

The Nail Specialist spends her entire day holding hands, gripping fingers, filing, polishing, and looking down. Oh, she looks down SO much! It is very common for her neck and shoulders to hurt. They are also tight, hard, and strong.

I like to give them little shoulder rubs throughout the day. I also encourage them to change their movements often. And I TRY to get them to take a break once in a while! πŸ™‚

And I always recommend a massage to loosen and relax those super-strong, super-tight shoulder muscles!

Shoulders Hurt Around Here

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I work on shoulders. What I mean is, I have a lot of people who see me for shoulder pain. Shoulder pain and neck pain are, by far, the #1 reasons people see me for massage therapy.

Why do so many sets of shoulders hurt? Many, many reasons. Several clients work on a computer all day long. I call you guys and gals Desk Warriors. You work hard all day long. Your responsibilities are great and your expectations are high. You hold your arms half-way up for hours on end. The monitor for your computer lures your head forward day in and day out. Phone calls keep your head tilted and your shoulders shrugged. Crap, my neck hurts just describing what you do all day! My neck literally pulled forward and tightened a little bit just because I was imagining the movements. Wow! No wonder your shoulders hurt! I feel your pain!

Other shoulders and necks hurt from other kinds of jobs. Factory work is hard work, too. Maybe you sit or maybe you stand. Either way you more than likely repeat the same sequence of movements all day long. Do you reach and pull a lot? Maybe twist your hands all day long? Hour after hour of twisting your arms and bending your wrists can make you hurt.

Is there anything you can do to ease the pain a bit? Why, yes, there IS something you can do! Actually, there are several things you may try.

Change up your movements whenever you get a chance. If you are in one position for long periods of time try setting a timer to stop for 1 or 2 minutes. Stand up, move around, move your neck and shoulders, stretch and walk. Even if it’s just for a minute or two, it can help if you are able to do it several times a day.

On your scheduled breaks move a lot. Stretch and walk, stretch and walk. Give yourself a head and neck massage. Give yourself one of these every day! They can help manage the symptoms in between your professional massage sessions.

If it’s been a while since your last massage and you are wearing your shoulders as earrings, go over to my website and schedule an appointment ASAP! The Comfort Zone is just around the corner!


#22 of 31 posts in 31 days

Twenty-two days I’ve been typing words into this white box. There is always a blinking cursor. No matter how many words I type the cursor keeps blinking as if to say, “what else do you have to say?” I accepted this challenge and I WILL finish! Since I accepted this 31-days-in-a-row-challenge someone has offered up trophies to those of us who finish! I’m going to get that trophy!

I took this challenge to get out of a writing funk. I love to write and I love to share helpful information to all my wonderful readers. But in the real world sometimes work, family and other things can make me push things to the side. I was suffering writer’s block. I was neglecting my brain. This challenge has kick-started my brain! I am now disciplined to write something every day. I think I’ve improved my writing a bit and I know I am able to come up with ideas a little better. I’m getting a little tired, but I’m inspired to finish!

What have you done lately to challenge yourself? Have you started running? Do you have plans for a first 5K? You rock! Keep it up! I’m proud of you!

Have you just started going to a workout class? Zumba, maybe? Or Yoga? You don’t look stupid, I promise. Keep going! You inspire me!

Have you started a novel? Short stories? Don’t give up. My husband’s late uncle Mike always had this to say when someone asked him how in the world he could write a book, “If you only write one page a day, after a year you’ll have a 365 page book.” Remember that when you’re feeling over whelmed. One page at a time. You’re awesome!

Quitting smoking? DO IT! It may be one of the hardest things to do but you can do it. I DID IT. I did it! I quit smoking over 3 years ago. It.Is.Hard. But keep it up. You will feel amazing and I think you are amazing for trying. I could say “One day at a time,” but the first few days are tough. ONE HOUR AT A TIME! Β You can do it! Keep it up!

You all are helping me with my challenge, I thought you might need a little push, too! Whatever your challenge is, I believe in you!

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