Hello, reader!  I am Tracy, a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Nine years ago I graduated from massage school ready to change the world!  I’ve worked in a salon, a world-famous Bath House and Spa, and a large fitness center.  I have found the home for my massage practice in a wonderful salon in the country.  I’ve also been a CNA, worked in fast food, grocery, and furniture sales.  I read more than I write.  I love/hate/love to procrastinate.  Sometimes I will post often, often times I will post occasionally.

The purpose of this blog is to speak to my clients, future clients, any person interested in massage therapy, or any one willing to read what may or may not be interesting.  I hope to inform people about the benefits of massage therapy.  I want to start a discussion or answer questions or inspire ideas.  If you are a massage therapist reading this please join the discussion.

After close to 100 hours of Continuing Education and thousands of hours of performing massage I’ve developed a pretty awesome Relaxation Massage.  Neck and shoulder pain are a bit of a specialty for me.   And I’ve been known to fight headaches with my bare hands.

Read a few posts, leave a comment or email me a question.  I’d love to have a regular Q&A post!




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