Pregnancy Massage

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Pregnancy massage is an awesome pain and stress reliever through all stages of most low-risk pregnancies. So many changes occur in the body during pregnancy and many of them bring aches and pains. If not aches and pains then emotional ups and downs. Regular massage throughout pregnancy can help with all of these discomforts.

Weight gain is essential in every pregnancy because the body is nurturing a growing baby.The growth of the baby on the front side of the body often causes the mother to change how she stands and walks. It can become downright painful!

Lower back pain, shoulder pain, fatigue, headaches, emotional stress, and anxiety are all things that a pregnant woman can experience. (Sometimes all at once!) Massage therapy can bring comfort to the expectant mother by relieving some of the pain, reducing anxiety and providing support.  It can also help prepare the mother for labor and delivery.

I usually ask the mother to get her doctor’s permission to receive bodywork. I am open to following special instructions or restrictions. I am here to help any way that I can. High risk pregnancies require the Doctor’s approval.

Reasons NOT to get a massage while pregnant:

High Blood Pressure

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Excessive Swelling

Risks of Blood Clots

Pregnancy Massage is offered in Paris, AR at The Comfort Zone Massage. My office is located inside Shirley’s Beauty Shop. If you have any questions about pregnancy massage ask your doctor and give me a call. My contact information is on my website

I use the Oakworks Side-lying Positioning System. It is a collection of bolsters to support the pregnant woman in the side-lying position. There is excellent support for the head, rib-cage, baby-belly, and legs. I also add pillows for specific comfort. Safety is my number one goal!


Pregnant Pause

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The last two weeks I have had the honor of working with a few expectant mothers.  Two are somewhere in the middle of their terms and two are in the very last days of pregnancy.  Excitement overcomes me as I work on these women.  In a very short time each will get to meet her sweet baby.

I am truly honored to be able to work with  them.  Lower back pain, shoulder pain, and headaches seem to be their main issues.  Sometimes we talk and sometimes I work in silence, but there always seems to be an essence in the room with us.  It’s like there is a big ball of “something”, maybe it is the nervous energy?  The anticipation?  There are so many emotions sharing a body with the mother and baby.   Excitement, joy, impatience, longing, happiness, worry, fear, exhaustion, and probably a million more feelings are experienced in any given moment.   I try to make my place a safe place for all of these feelings.  Sometimes we don’t want everyone to know that we might be worried about labor and delivery.   We might not want everyone to think we look weak or small.  After all, “women have been doing this since the beginning of time.”  When I hear of someone telling one of my mothers this I like to comfort them, but sometimes I just don’t know what to say.  I tell them that, yes, women have been having babies since the beginning of time. Yes, our body was made for this.  But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t scary. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel worried about things.

In the Comfort Zone there is room for worry.  I provide quiet support.  In The Comfort Zone there are tissues for tears.  I buy the good kind with lotion on them.  I provide quiet support.  In The Comfort Zone I get to hear the questions that you don’t want to ask anyone else.  I listen intently and give down-to-Earth answers.  More so there are conversations about after the baby is born.  “I can’t wait to hold her!”  “We have her crib in our room so she will be close to us!”  “Our friends have given us so many diapers!”  “Does the poop really stink that bad?” “I hope she sleeps well.”

You may be as happy as you can be, or as scared as you don’t want to be, I will lay my hands on your back and shoulders.  I will comfort you.  I will let you be ‘you’ for a little while.  And we’ll laugh, I promise!  You may even fall asleep for a little while!