The Year’s End

I’ve been spending time with family during this Holiday season. There’s been a little work here and there, but I like to focus time and energy at home during this time.

Experiencing the magic of Christmas through my daughter’s eyes has been amazing. She is so full of wonder, excitement, joy, and laughter. She believes!


The last two weeks of 2012 are also filled with wonder and excitement for The Comfort Zone Massage! I am planning 2013. Yes, I’m a “planner.” Well, I like to think I’m a planner. We’ll see how it all works out! 😉

2013 and The Comfort Zone Massage

  • 18 hours of classes/seminars
  • More frequent writing
  • Sharing massage research findings with you
  • 2 community projects
  • Surprises!

Enjoy the last few days of 2012! See you back here and in the office for a FANTASTIC 2013!


‘Tis the Season

13 Shopping days until Christmas. DON’T PANIC! You’re freaking out, aren’t you? You can stop, it’s OK.

In fact, that’s what this post is all about – stopping for a bit. How many times have you been shopping this month? Are you finished? Do you really want to go again? What about the laundry? Did you get all your decorations out? Did you remember that you are supposed to provide 8472 cupcakes for the class party? Party? Did I say party? How many Christmas parties are on your list to cook for/buy for? Do you REALLY want to go?

No, you aren’t having a nightmare. This is happening all over the country right this minute. People are scrambling around town rushing from party to party, store to store dragging their Holiday Spirit through the mud. Stress levels are climbing while bank accounts are shrinking. There’s no end in sight!

Or is there………

Take. A. Break. I give you permission. This is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness. If you aren’t feeling joy then what’s the point? You don’t really have to go to every single party to which you have been invited. Really! I mean it! You can skip one and still be loved and wonderful.

Shut the computer, gather up your family/friends and watch your favorite holiday movie. Maybe it’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Or National Lampoon’s may be more your style. Chill out and laugh till you pee or cry like a baby. There are plenty of movies to cover both of these options.

My tree

My tree

Soak in the tub for a while by candlelight. Yes, I went there. I know everyone always says, “soak in a bath” when suggesting ways to relax, but it works. Even if a bath isn’t your favorite way to unwind you can lock the door and be alone for a bit. Bring some music and reading material and set the timer. Relax and recharge. You deserve it. And there is so much more to do.

Turn off the TV and enjoy your decorations. We have the tree up and I love it! Take a moment before you leave for the day or when you get home and just gaze at the tree. Go look at the ornaments. Do you remember where they came from? So simple, but guaranteed to make you smile. And smiling is so awesome.

Can’t chill out at home? Too many people there? Too many things on your to-do list? Visit me. When you get to The Comfort Zone Massage you can drop your tension just outside the door, lie down on the heated massage table, take a few deep lavender breaths and just be you for an hour or so. After a great massage you’ll have the energy to clean off your Holiday Spirit and the spunk to hold it high.

What is your favorite Holiday activity? What is your LEAST favorite? Please share! I love the anticipation of opening gifts and I LOVE Christmas lights. I don’t love stressing about time.

PS I almost forgot! You can buy Massage Gift Certificates online! Click here and print them yourself. Easy. Secure. Local.

How To Survive Black Friday

How To Survive Black Friday:       STAY HOME!

Just kidding 😉

1. SMALL PURSE  You know that gorgeous bag that holds your iPad, phone, two diapers, wipes, wallet, lip balm, make-up, deodorant, and half your junk drawer? You’re going to want to leave that at home. Find a small purse that you can drape across your body. You should only need some cash, cards, and identification. And maybe a coupon. Your shoulders don’t want to lug around all of your possessions! It hurts!

2. SHOES Wear sneakers. Sure, those knee-high boots will look cute with those new jeans but if you plan on walking, standing, and driving for the next 12 hours I recommend a nice comfy shoe. Your legs and back will thank you the next day.

3. ATTITUDE You’ll probably encounter a pushy crowd in line, at the door, at the check-out and at the bathroom. For every curse you wish to throw out try a smile. Or a “Bless Your Heart.” You won’t accomplish much by being nasty. Close your eyes and go to your happy place 🙂

4. PUSH IT!  Use a shopping cart as much as you can. You may be buying bulky toys, electronics, and bedding. These things are heavy and cumbersome to carry. Push them in a cart, save your back. Buying tons of stuff? Bring a partner to push a second cart.

5. LEAVE THE KIDS AT HOME Trust me your five-year-old does NOT enjoy regular shopping so they won’t have fun on a marathon shopping trip. Your baby wants to say home, too. You’ll get more accomplished and your kids will get the rest they need at home. Do you really want them to hear all that “cheerful” language from the people who don’t get their one-of-a-kind-sold-out-because-the-store-only-got-2-in-to-sell?

6. REFRESHMENTS Eat. Drink. Nourish yourself. You’ll be less angry if your sugar stays stable and your tummy is full 🙂

7. DROP OFF Haul your booty to the car! And by booty I mean items, goods, stuff you bought 😉  Again, your body doesn’t want to drag that stuff around all day.

8. STRETCH AND BREATHE Once you’ve stood in line for an hour to get your big items you’ll have to stand in line another hour just to check them out. Stretch your arms and legs so you don’t cramp up!

9. GO HOME! When you feel the tears coming on, when you can’t remember why you’ve gone into a store, when you’ve hit the wall, go home. Gather your treasures and head to the house. Soak in a hot tub, get in your comfy clothes and begin your Holiday Season.

10. RECOVERY A marathon shopping experience will result in a headache, sore legs, hurting feet, and tight shoulders. Plan your recovery by scheduling now for a massage next week!

Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!

Challenge Completed!

#31 of 31 posts in 31 days

**Cheers** **Waves** **Kudos**

We (over 50 of us) have completed the challenge! 31 blog posts in 31 days is an amazing accomplishment. I have written every one of these entries with heart, determination, and hope that I got it right. Since I didn’t plan any posts some days seemed very overwhelming when trying to decide what to write about. But the words always came.

Today, I’m not writing a conclusion. I feel like I should write “an ending,” but it isn’t the end of this blog. I will continue to communicate here weekly. I’m inspired and excited about writing about massage, the human body and life in general.

Today is the beginning. The beginning of what is to come. I didn’t plan a single post during this challenge, but I’m excited to say that I just wrote down 36 blog post ideas. 36!! (Thanks, Allissa, for the inspiration. It was so simple it was hard to see!)

I will post once or twice a week. I want to answer questions you have about symptoms. I want to start discussions about issues. I want to encourage positive changes in our lives. I want to share tidbits from my life and massage practice.

I want to be involved! I want to learn more with each passing week. I want to be a part of a great community.

If you have a question, email me! Leave a comment. Contact me on Facebook. I’m ready to talk!

PS I can’t wait to get my trophy!

August Recap

#29 of 31 posts in 31 days

(Random thoughts)

How is your August going? I’ve been super busy! As you know, I’ve been writing an article every day since August 1st. I’m in the home-stretch, only a few more to go! Thank you for being patient, interested, and awesome.

My daughter started Kindergarten this month. She loves it! She also started gymnastics class. She runs line drills, practices back-bends, turns cartwheels and smiles from ear to ear the whole time. I love it. 🙂

My husband started another semester of college this month. I am very proud of how hard he is working to achieve his degree. Not only is he showing himself that he is capable, he is showing our daughter the importance of education. They talk about their classes together and sometimes practice homework at the same time. He is doing well and I am happy he wants to achieve so much.

I have been working on things for The Comfort Zone Massage! I want to grow, I want to give better massages, and I want to improve customer service in any way I can.

You may get a surprise the next time you are here for a massage. You may get something in the mail. I am already preparing for the Holiday Season! 🙂

Thank you for reading and please post a question or drop me an e-mail! Let’s discuss stuff!!

I Like Naps

#25 of 31 posts in 31 days

My five-year-old understands the importance of self-care. This is what she drew on her first day of kindergarten. (Notice the dream bubble and ambient music) Such a simple concept, self-care, so why is it so hard to take time out of our day for a little rest or relaxation?

This is a drawing of a beautiful nap time. See CD player and music notes in the air? She’s dreaming of a kitty and surrounded by love. The caption, “Iliknaps”  I like naps too!

Totally Random Post

#20 of 31 posts in 31 days

Whew! This 31 posts challenge is proving to be exhilarating! And a bit worrisome. You see, I’m not a “planner” when it comes to things like writing. I can’t make of list of 10 things and then write about them a week later. I should, but I can’t. Basically I open my laptop, open up and start typing. I would NOT advise anyone else to do it this way, but it’s how I roll. So what will I talk about today?

My five-year-old participated in her 2nd gymnastics class today. She loves it! She runs and jumps and turns cartwheels. They stretch and practice back-bends and other techniques. It’s really fun to watch how much fun she’s having!

The Licensed Massage Therapist in me noticed the older group practicing round-offs and back hand springs. Can I just say, “Wow!” These girls are strong! The power in the arms, legs and core is amazing! They just flip and flop effortlessly. Some are graceful, others not so but working on it.

All I could see was muscles. The arms, especially. On the beginner’s side the coach would hold the girl up because her arms weren’t strong enough to keep her head off the ground. On the more advanced side the girls were able to flip twice with minimal spotting. It definitely takes arm strength to make that happen. And leg strength to propel her toward her arms.

Of course, my sweet child got a massage before bed tonight! I paid special attention to her arms. Her little arms aren’t quite strong enough to keep her from falling on her head. She can turn a cart-wheel, but needs help with the back bend.

I was entertained at the end of class because they had the girls run line drills. You know the kind, run to the first line and back, the second line and back, and so on and so forth. Well the girls are ages 4-10. They were running in zigzags, circles, and every direction but the right one! My girl ran as hard as she could and smiled the whole time! It must be nice to be able to run and smile the whole time!

She’s sound asleep. School and gymnastics will wear anyone out, I guess!

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