How To Survive Black Friday

How To Survive Black Friday:       STAY HOME!

Just kidding 😉

1. SMALL PURSE  You know that gorgeous bag that holds your iPad, phone, two diapers, wipes, wallet, lip balm, make-up, deodorant, and half your junk drawer? You’re going to want to leave that at home. Find a small purse that you can drape across your body. You should only need some cash, cards, and identification. And maybe a coupon. Your shoulders don’t want to lug around all of your possessions! It hurts!

2. SHOES Wear sneakers. Sure, those knee-high boots will look cute with those new jeans but if you plan on walking, standing, and driving for the next 12 hours I recommend a nice comfy shoe. Your legs and back will thank you the next day.

3. ATTITUDE You’ll probably encounter a pushy crowd in line, at the door, at the check-out and at the bathroom. For every curse you wish to throw out try a smile. Or a “Bless Your Heart.” You won’t accomplish much by being nasty. Close your eyes and go to your happy place 🙂

4. PUSH IT!  Use a shopping cart as much as you can. You may be buying bulky toys, electronics, and bedding. These things are heavy and cumbersome to carry. Push them in a cart, save your back. Buying tons of stuff? Bring a partner to push a second cart.

5. LEAVE THE KIDS AT HOME Trust me your five-year-old does NOT enjoy regular shopping so they won’t have fun on a marathon shopping trip. Your baby wants to say home, too. You’ll get more accomplished and your kids will get the rest they need at home. Do you really want them to hear all that “cheerful” language from the people who don’t get their one-of-a-kind-sold-out-because-the-store-only-got-2-in-to-sell?

6. REFRESHMENTS Eat. Drink. Nourish yourself. You’ll be less angry if your sugar stays stable and your tummy is full 🙂

7. DROP OFF Haul your booty to the car! And by booty I mean items, goods, stuff you bought 😉  Again, your body doesn’t want to drag that stuff around all day.

8. STRETCH AND BREATHE Once you’ve stood in line for an hour to get your big items you’ll have to stand in line another hour just to check them out. Stretch your arms and legs so you don’t cramp up!

9. GO HOME! When you feel the tears coming on, when you can’t remember why you’ve gone into a store, when you’ve hit the wall, go home. Gather your treasures and head to the house. Soak in a hot tub, get in your comfy clothes and begin your Holiday Season.

10. RECOVERY A marathon shopping experience will result in a headache, sore legs, hurting feet, and tight shoulders. Plan your recovery by scheduling now for a massage next week!

Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks, Giving, and Thanksgiving

Thank you. Yes, you. You’ve been reading this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And thank you to those who are my wonderful clients. Without you I couldn’t live my passion, my dream of helping people through the healthy, nurturing, pain-relieving touch that is Massage Therapy. I cannot say it enough to you, Thank you.

Giving. It’s what we do every day. You know what I mean, you give all you have. You work hard at your job, whatever it may be. You give yourself to your home. Things must be done for everything and everyone to function and you do more than necessary. You go above and beyond. The dishes get done AND put away. You put off reading a chapter in your book to make sure your child has his favorite shirt clean for tomorrow. You pack lunches, clean rooms, take out the trash and search for long-lost stuffed animals.

You give. And your life is pretty good for it. It seems like every moment you are doing something. Preparing for the next day, the next event, or even the next meal. So when do you rest? When do you take the time for you? Oh, I know a whole day is most impossible, but what about that chapter in the book? You should read that.

Thanksgiving is just next week. That’s right, I said it out loud. Thanksgiving is next week! What does that entail for you? Visitors? Cooking and baking? Cleaning? Shopping? Working overtime in retail? Travelling? My guess is the 24 hours you already use up in a typical day just seemed to turn into 12. Holidays tend to steal minutes from our days. They loom ahead just beyond reach and then BAM they are the next week!

Make things a little easier on yourself and cut out something that stresses you out. Add something fun into the schedule! Or just simply MAKE a schedule so that things may flow easier.

Thank yourself during this time of Thanksgiving. I think you deserve to receive a little back of what you give all year long. Schedule a massage at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. There’s time to squeeze an hour in for yourself! You could visit The Comfort Zone to get a massage!

I guarantee you will leave refreshed, re-energized and ready to face the Holidays! Visit my website,  and click the Schedule Appointment button! If you don’t see the time you need, call me, we can find the time!

PS Thank you again for your continued support of Massage Therapy and The Comfort Zone Massage.

PSS This was written while listening to beautiful music 🙂

Why Relaxation Massage?

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You’ve booked a Swedish/Relaxation massage. So what do you get? What are the benefits of a Relaxation Massage?

Relaxation Massage, commonly called Swedish Massage, generally focuses on full body relaxation. (Keep in mind, full body massage means most of the body – back, shoulders, legs, hips, feet, arms, hands, upper chest, neck and head. I will only perform abdominal massage on request.)

Stress relief and general muscle maintenance greatly benefit the mind and body. Relaxation massage uses general to firm pressure throughout the body to induce relaxation and relieve muscle tension. If you want to know what a Relaxation Massage feels like from me, click here.  🙂

Benefits of regular Relaxation Massage:

*Reduces Anxiety

*Improves Sleep

*Improves Energy Levels

*Relieves Muscle Tension

*Soothes Arthritis Pain

*Reduces Headaches

*Causes Happiness

Conditions/Symptoms that regular Massage can help:




*Shoulder Pain

*Lower Back Pain



*Many more

What are you waiting for?! Click here and schedule your appointment! The Comfort Zone Massage is in Paris, AR.

Pregnancy Massage

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Pregnancy massage is an awesome pain and stress reliever through all stages of most low-risk pregnancies. So many changes occur in the body during pregnancy and many of them bring aches and pains. If not aches and pains then emotional ups and downs. Regular massage throughout pregnancy can help with all of these discomforts.

Weight gain is essential in every pregnancy because the body is nurturing a growing baby.The growth of the baby on the front side of the body often causes the mother to change how she stands and walks. It can become downright painful!

Lower back pain, shoulder pain, fatigue, headaches, emotional stress, and anxiety are all things that a pregnant woman can experience. (Sometimes all at once!) Massage therapy can bring comfort to the expectant mother by relieving some of the pain, reducing anxiety and providing support.  It can also help prepare the mother for labor and delivery.

I usually ask the mother to get her doctor’s permission to receive bodywork. I am open to following special instructions or restrictions. I am here to help any way that I can. High risk pregnancies require the Doctor’s approval.

Reasons NOT to get a massage while pregnant:

High Blood Pressure

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Excessive Swelling

Risks of Blood Clots

Pregnancy Massage is offered in Paris, AR at The Comfort Zone Massage. My office is located inside Shirley’s Beauty Shop. If you have any questions about pregnancy massage ask your doctor and give me a call. My contact information is on my website

I use the Oakworks Side-lying Positioning System. It is a collection of bolsters to support the pregnant woman in the side-lying position. There is excellent support for the head, rib-cage, baby-belly, and legs. I also add pillows for specific comfort. Safety is my number one goal!

Rub My Feet!

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“I wish you could massage my feet every day when I get off work!”

“Oh, could you rub my feet every night?”

“I stand ALL day and my feet are so tired when I get home.”

“Could you spend extra time massaging my feet?”

“PLEASE teach my husband (wife, boyfriend, girlfriend) how to touch my feet like that!”

foot massage

I hear all of these things almost every single day. Let’s face it, a great foot massage feels awesome. Psst… they’re good for you, too! Foot problems could contribute to back pain, knee pain, irritability and bad moods.

Massaging the feet helps to relax the whole body. I see it every day.  A tense, stressed out person comes in for a massage. I spend time on the back and legs. After we’ve settled in to the massage I put hot compresses on the feet. Groaning follows 😉

Each foot gets compressed, stretched, kneaded, rocked, pulled and pushed. Slowly. Deeply. Thoroughly. Sound good to you? I thought so.

Foot massage calms breathing, relaxes the body, allows the mind to calm, helps with knee pain, and relieves some headaches. Plus, it just feels great. I include a foot massage in most 60 minute massage sessions. You can ask for extra time there or you could even schedule a foot-only massage. If you want a 20 minute foot rub with hot towels and aromatherapy, I can do that. If you want 40 minutes on the body and 20 minutes on the feet, I can do that.

PS You can also schedule online on my website. Phone calls are welcome, too 🙂

Shoulders Hurt Around Here

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I work on shoulders. What I mean is, I have a lot of people who see me for shoulder pain. Shoulder pain and neck pain are, by far, the #1 reasons people see me for massage therapy.

Why do so many sets of shoulders hurt? Many, many reasons. Several clients work on a computer all day long. I call you guys and gals Desk Warriors. You work hard all day long. Your responsibilities are great and your expectations are high. You hold your arms half-way up for hours on end. The monitor for your computer lures your head forward day in and day out. Phone calls keep your head tilted and your shoulders shrugged. Crap, my neck hurts just describing what you do all day! My neck literally pulled forward and tightened a little bit just because I was imagining the movements. Wow! No wonder your shoulders hurt! I feel your pain!

Other shoulders and necks hurt from other kinds of jobs. Factory work is hard work, too. Maybe you sit or maybe you stand. Either way you more than likely repeat the same sequence of movements all day long. Do you reach and pull a lot? Maybe twist your hands all day long? Hour after hour of twisting your arms and bending your wrists can make you hurt.

Is there anything you can do to ease the pain a bit? Why, yes, there IS something you can do! Actually, there are several things you may try.

Change up your movements whenever you get a chance. If you are in one position for long periods of time try setting a timer to stop for 1 or 2 minutes. Stand up, move around, move your neck and shoulders, stretch and walk. Even if it’s just for a minute or two, it can help if you are able to do it several times a day.

On your scheduled breaks move a lot. Stretch and walk, stretch and walk. Give yourself a head and neck massage. Give yourself one of these every day! They can help manage the symptoms in between your professional massage sessions.

If it’s been a while since your last massage and you are wearing your shoulders as earrings, go over to my website and schedule an appointment ASAP! The Comfort Zone is just around the corner!

Massage. Just Because

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You don’t have to be in pain to get a massage, you know. You can get a massage while you’re feeling great. How’s that? I feel great so I go get a massage and feel even BETTER?! Yep. You heard it right here!

You don’t have to be in pain to get a massage.  Get a massage because it feels good! That’s a “good enough” reason. Not experiencing any of these?

Tight shoulders
Lower back pain
Trouble Sleeping
Arm pain

Massage will still benefit you even if you don’t have a “problem” to fix.

You will still get some benefits that you will love!

Soft, smooth skin
Better mood
Good night’s sleep
Loosened up muscles
A spring in your step!

I’m not going to give you load of reasons to get a massage. I’m just going to remind you how AWESOME it feels!
Psst… Massage feels AWESOME!

If you can’t remember how great getting your feet rubbed feels, I can help.

If you’re not sure which is your favorite part of the massage, the shoulders or legs, I can help.

If you don’t remember the last time you had a great, relaxing, professional, feel-good massage, I can help. My website can help. Find a service and make the time. Massage feels great!

Fever = No Massage

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“I have a fever today and I feel horrible but I didn’t want to cancel my massage. Is that ok?” (Cough, cough, cough)

In a word? No. On the one hand I really appreciate everyone who keeps their massage appointments. I appreciate when someone calls to cancel an appointment a day or two in advance.

However, if you have a fever you shouldn’t get a massage. You feel awful, your head hurts, your body hurts and you *might* be contagious. You really aren’t going to enjoy your massage.  In fact, the massage could actually make you feel worse! I won’t be mad if you cancel last-minute because you are sick.

If you are sick you should stay home and take care of YOU. Rest. Watch TV. Play computer games. Sleep. If you are contagious you risk spreading your illness to me, my family, and every one that gets a massage after you. You wouldn’t want that, would you?! Of course not, you’re an awesomely nice person!

I want you to see your smiling face. I want you to feel the awesomeness of a great massage. More importantly, I want you to get better. Please, if you’re sick stay home. What might feel great during a massage when you’re well could feel horrible while you are sick.

I repeat, I will not get mad if you cancel last-minute because you are sick! I will appreciate it. And I will encourage you to get better soon. 🙂

If you’re worried I might be left with nothing to do here are a few things that might happen if you cancel because you are sick:

I will call someone who is trying to get in for a massage.

I might write a blog post.

I could organize receipts.

I will peruse Facebook.

I could eat a snack.

I will fold sheets and towels.

I will wish you “get well soon!”


Sciatica is a Pain in the…

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Oh, my sciatica! What a pain in the…

What do we do about it? First, tell me your symptoms. Does the pain shoot down the side of your leg? Maybe your hip hurts a bit. Maybe your hip hurts so badly you limp. I see this all the time. Sciatica is a symptom of another problem. Different causes of sciatica are:

Slipped disk
Piriformis Syndrome
Pelvic injury or fracture

Basically you have pain, weakness, numbness or tingling in the leg. It may hurt in the calf and the bottom of the foot. Bottom line? It hurts!

So what DO we do? Just lie down and let me take care of it.  🙂   I’ll have you lay face down on the massage table under a nice sheet. We start with compression on your hip muscles. You see, the sciatic nerve is located deep in the pelvis. Sometimes the muscles will get really tight and aggravate the sciatic nerve. That’s when you’ll feel these symptoms.

So I push and knead one hip. The compression continues down the back of your leg in a slow, orderly rhythm. The knee gets rotated out and the knee bent. I push and pull the bent leg while pushing on the hip. While resting the leg I release three trigger points in the hip. This takes about 3-5 minutes. After the trigger points the whole leg, hip and foot gets a massage. Kneading, pushing and pulling on the larger muscles of the upper leg. I repeat the same steps on the other leg. All this takes about 30 minutes.

Kick that pain in the tush in about 30 minutes. Perfect pain relief in a short amount of time. Cost effective, time effective. I have had several people INSTANTLY feel better. Others feel relief in about 3 sessions.

What have we learned?

That pain in your leg could actually be caused by a pain in your tush.
Relief can be felt in as little as 30 minutes.

You can schedule your appointment at

PS   I still need material to write about! Any questions? Topic ideas? email me Tracy <at> thecomfortzonemassage  <dot>com or leave a comment.  🙂

The Feel-Good Lottery

-Or a practical way to set up a maintenance massage schedule-

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I just saw a sign that the Powerball Lottery is around 300 million dollars.  Great curse-words!   That’s a pile of moo-lah!   All my life I’ve heard people talk about what they would do if they won the lottery.  Sometimes we will buy two tickets and spend a couple of days dreaming of having all the money in the world.  🙂   It’s a long shot, but it makes for great conversations!  If I had a boat-load of money I would build a women’s health center, complete with Certified Nurse Midwives, a Cardiologist, Endocrinologist, Cancer Specialist, Dermatology, and a full service Therapy Spa.  Maybe more, maybe less, but something to meet the needs of women in my rural area. And these services would be available to lower-income women, as well.  Of course, a new house and some travelling with the family are given.  😉

I hear from people all the time, “If I won the lottery I would get a massage every day!”  Maybe you can’t get a massage every day, but it IS possible to plan for every 3 weeks, or even one every 5 weeks.  The benefits you can get from regular massage can make your body feel like it has won the “Feel-good” lottery.  Computer desk warriors have extremely tight shoulder muscles.  I work with a few who tell me that since they get regular massages (about once a month) their shoulders actually hurt less.  Instead of hurting every day all day, their shoulders may not hurt for a whole week and then gradually become sore and painful before their next appointment.  The more regular the massage the less pain in the shoulders (usually).  Lower back pain often gets better with frequent massage sessions.
Hurting less and sleeping better are two very good reasons to spend the money on regular massage.   A routine massage schedule is a fantastic way to relieve your aches and pains.  Maybe you even take fewer pain relievers.

Massage costs money.  But money spent on improving your quality of life is like investing in yourself and your happiness.  You could even be increasing your earning potential if you are able to work  BETTER.  At The Comfort Zone Massage an hour session is $50, $60 for deep tissue.  Setting back $10 a week yields you a massage every 5 weeks.  That is about once a month.  That is a great maintenance routine to set up for your mind and body!  Or try $10 a week for 3 weeks and get a half-hour massage every 3rd week.  Not too bad when you break it down by the week.

Visit my website or give me a call.  We can talk about your massage needs and work out  a treatment plan.  We can determine how often you want massage and how much you want to spend.  There are even discounts for Package Pre-payments.

Tell me, what would you do with $300 million?

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